Quick Display Idea: Titanic Anniversary!

I hadn't been working in a public library for long when I learned that many kids are totally obsessed with the Titanic, in the way that I was obsessed with fine music (cough) when I was their age. Since we are nearing the 100th anniversary of its sinking, I thought I'd throw together a quick little display of our many Titanic books. I had enough material from the children's collection but you could include items from your adult section as well.

I used an image from OpenClipArt.org, a librarian's lifesaver, so feel free to use my sign

Also, if you are itching to put together a program to commemorate this occasion, Abby has a great post on hers from a few years ago


  1. Hi Anne - My name is Sonya from www.librarypatch.com and I am your newest follower! I found you through Matt's blog, The Busy Librarian. Don't you love networking. You have some wonderful ideas that will work beautifully in an elementary school library. I will be sure to be back :)

  2. I've read so many new Titanic books lately that I've been thinking about this myself. Thanks for the motivation!


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