A Plea for Sharing

I've been participating in Flannel Friday for over 6 months now, and it has reinvigorated my love of storytelling to children. I love being able to share my ideas and get to see others' too. You may have noticed, dear readers, that often my flannels are made (or at the least inspired by) from patterns in professional resource books like Storytime Magic. I would never have discovered most of these wonderful planning books without being able to borrow them through our statewide ILL system, MeLCat. 

I am so grateful to my colleagues around the state who allow these resources to be loaned to librarians like myself. I hope that by writing this I can encourage some libraries whose collections are In Library Use or Staff Only to rethink this position. Yes, these books are expensive and it is handy for them to always be at our fingertips, instead of being lost or damaged out in the wild.  But they are invaluable to working professionals in libraries, child care facilities, schools, and countless other settings as well. Not to mention the educational advantages of being able to use them as a student aspiring to work in our field or other related ones.

So, what I am trying to say, is please consider allowing these gems to circulate after you've had a chance to go through them and absorb their great ideas. If nothing else, it would help keep this blog going! I have a whole drawer full of felt and I am dying to find another great book full of ideas to use it all up!