Flannel Friday: Two of Everything

Today for Flannel Friday, I'm sharing my version of the folktale known as "Two of Everything." I used Diane Briggs's patterns from 52 Programs for Preschoolers, which is also the source of the words. I was able to get this book through ILL and I do not have a copy of the patterns, but Amazon has several used copies starting at $0.01.

Essentially the story goes like this... Husband finds mysterious pot buried in his yard. He digs it out and drags out. He has a little trouble carrying the pot comfortably while also hanging on to his one gold coin, so he puts the coin in the pot. When he goes to retrieve the coin, to his surprise there are now two coins.

He and his wife get a little greedy duplicating their belongings and things are going swimmingly... until the wife trips and falls into the pot! Not wanting two wives of his own, the husband panics... and then trips and falls into the pot himself.
 The new couple builds a house next door and they all live happily ever after.

Today's Flannel Friday is being hosted by the lovely Cate at Storytiming. (@storytimingcate on Twitter). 


  1. I think it's hilarious that the husband panics at the thought of two wives... I know mine would. :D Great idea for a flannel - something totally different. I need to expand my flannels to include STORIES - most of mine are just for songs and rhymes right now. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Yes, it's a great story! What storytime themes will you be using it with?


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