Flannel Friday with Milk Filters

My favorite tip from all these months of Flannel Friday has been Andrea's suggestion to try using milk filters. For about $15, I was able to buy a pizza box size of 15 inch milk filters. I can't believe I'd never heard of this technique before, and I live across the street from a dairy farm!

First I traced patterns out of books onto them, but I was also able to trim the filters down to 8.5 by 11 and run them through our printer at the library. Ladies and gentlemen, my mind has been blown by the amazing potential here. Rather than post these individually, I thought I'd share the ones I have made so far all at once. I still need to finish trimming them up, so ignore that, please.  Here we go!

Milo's Hats (Storytime Magic

Little Bunny Foo Foo (Preschool Favorites)

Muscular Family from one of Jean Warren's pattern books

Wolf's Chicken Stew (Preschool Favorites)

Pete the Cat (Making Learning Fun)

5 Little Monkeys (2's Experience: Felt Board Fun)

My fellow Midwestern girl Anna will be rounding up the Flannel Friday posts this week, so be sure to check her blog later for all the goodness!

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  1. Where did you wind up buying your milk filters? (ie -- is there a good vendor online? I don't think we have many farm stores in Chicago...)

  2. Katie, oddly enough my milk filters were purchased in Chicagoland! My husband found some on his last trip back to his hometown (he's from the North Shore). He says he got them at a Blains Farm and Fleet, which is apparently only in the IL, IA, WI area. BUT they do have a website: http://www.farmandfleet.com/products/140183-15_transfer_system_milk_filters.html?source=googleps.

    He also said that Tractor Supply Co. has them on their Website but our store here had never heard of them.

  3. are milk filters similar to pellon?

  4. Amanda, I believe they work similarly and pellon/interfacing is quite a bit easier to find. I will admit that I don't sew (but I aspire to!) so I haven't worked with pellon before.

  5. Hi! My printer keeps rejecting the milk filter paper. Is there a special setting I should use? Thanks!!!

  6. Does anyone know if milk filters can go through a laser printer? Or do they only go through an ink jet printer?


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