Flannel Friday: Inside a House that Is Haunted

No actual flannel was harmed in the making of today's Flannel Friday, a "clothes line" story version of Inside a House That is Haunted, one of my favorite Halloween books. It's a little long to read at preschool storytime, but I had great success with reading it to school age kids. You could literally string up a clothesline and pin the pictures on, but what I do is have volunteers hold up the pictures. I drew these myself based on Tedd Arnold's illustrations.

If you're not familiar with this story, it is a cumulative tale about a haunted house. It goes like this:

Here is the hand that knocked on the door

that startled the spider who dropped to the floor

that shook up the bat who swooped through the air
and jolted the owl who said "Who-Who's There?"
that spooked the mummy who ran with a shriek

rattling the bones who moved with a creak
who woke up the monster
who stomped on huge feet, 
threw open the door and heard
inside a house that is haunted.