Otto the Cat

Today's story is adapted from the easy reader Otto the Cat by Gail Herman (also the author of most of the Scooby-Doo books I've seen, coincidentally). FYI: This is a rebus (pictures fill in for words) story also, so to adapt that aspect to the story I coded my version of the words so that I point to the picture as I say the word). It is probably unnecessary but it does reinforce the idea.

Otto is a cat and he lives in a house OTTO'S house.

He takes HIS car to the pet store where he wants a new dish and a new mouse.

"Otto gets everything he wants. Does he want a puppy?"

No? "TOO LATE, OTTO!" The puppy wants to come home with Otto.

Otto does not like to share with the unnamed puppy so Otto hatches a plan to lose him in the park, but it is Otto who gets lost. Will Otto be able to find his way home? DUN DUN DUN!

I used clipart from MS Publisher 2003. This story can work as either a flannel (attach hook and loop fastener) or magnet board (attach magnets) as none of the pieces need to be layered.

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