My Kitten's Mitten

Once fall begins, I start wondering when I am going to need to break out my mittens. I love mittens and have lots of pairs (appropriate for a girl from Michigan, I think). And I get very upset when I lose a pair (or even worse, lose half a pair!) so I can relate to this flannel version of "My Kitten's Mitten" by Jean Warren. For copyright reasons, I don't want to post the whole thing, but here is the first stanza:

  My poor little kitten
  Lost her mitten
  And started to cry, "boo hoo."
  So I helped my kitten
  To look for her mitten,
  Her beautiful mitten of blue.  

I will 'fess up that I didn't want to make little mittens for ALL the stanzas, so I exercised my librarian license to just do the colors that I like. Please excuse the glare, I put together this week's Flannel Friday on short notice. We are extremely busy this week--huge event tomorrow!

This week's roundup is being hosted by Melissa. Previous roundups are here. Don't forget to check out Flannel Friday on pinterest!


  1. Thanks for your congrats at! I love your flannel and will have to use this one. We have a great need for mittens in Scotland too (later in the year) and I HATE loosing just ONE too!

  2. Will definitely be using this one. As an Illinois library, my kids definitely know snow and mittens!


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