My Dump Truck Fred

"My Dump Truck Fred" is from the awesome storytime planning resource book Storytime Magic. If you don't own this one at your library, go buy it now. I will wait.

OK, now that you've ordered this book (it is my very favorite, so you better have ordered it). "My Dump Truck Fred" is a first person story about what I would do if I had a dump truck named Fred. That is a big "IF" if you ask me. But anyway, here are some things to do: 
Teach Fred good manners and to eat his gravel cereal every day. 

Go tanning at the beach with Fred. Don't forget your sunglasses! 

Patterns for this story are on the ALA Website (My Dump Truck Fred is #397)
Words are from the Storytime Magic book, but if you haven't bought it yet (you really should), really all you have to do is say "I'd give Fred a hat! I'd make sure he wore his scarf!" etc.

Get Fred ready for the winter and hang his Christmas stocking. 
I highly recommend making this book as a magnetboard story as I did. I printed out the pictures, colored them with markers, and then laminated them and cut them out. If you use thin magnet coins (I used these and paid $3.99 for 100), then you can layer the pieces flannel-style without having to painstakingly cut them out of felt. Now, I love felt as much as the next girl and think this would be a darling story in felt, but the text is so short that I didn't feel it was worth my time to do myself.

I actually don't use the stocking part and I am curious as to whether or not other people agree with this decision. How do you treat religious holidays at your library? I am not sure that there is a right decision as it really comes down to the presenter's comfort level and the community as well, but I am curious to hear people's thoughts on this one. 

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  1. Ew, time management! It's a good point, sometimes the work put into a project isn't always worth the time put in (and when you think $20/hour, is this project really worth $60?). I don't know the story but I like the accessories Fred has!

  2. Sharon--
    Yes! This could be a good story to practice working with felt for a newbie (not too many details are truly required for a successful version), but let's not forget the value of our time. This story can be told in just a few sentences, so let's not forget the value of our time as busy librarians.
    That said, if you really truly love a story, a felted labor of love is a beautiful thing!

  3. You're so sensible, Anne. Me, on the other hand. If I'm hooked on catching up on a TV show, then I justify all sorts of crazy time management choices. It's okay to watch one more episode, cause I'm getting work done... It's okay to embroider these cookies cause I'm just watching Leverage anyway...

  4. Andrea, I can't do anything while watching Leverage because I don't like to miss anything. :)

  5. I love that all the patterns to Storytime Magic are online all the time...that's where Dog's Colorful Day is, too! As to the holidays--I feel pretty strongly that we should NOT reference religious holidays in library programs. Even if MOST of your community is one thing or another, libraries need to feel welcoming to EVERYONE. When you're talking about whether to mention Christian holidays, especially Christmas, I also consider that the secular world is DRENCHED in holiday nice for those not celebrating it to have ONE PLACE in their public life that is not bombarding them with those messages/images. There are too many other themes to use and ideas to talk about to have to fall back on Christmas storytimes or Easter Egg Hunts.

  6. OK, that was a lot of capital letter shouting there. But I did warn you I felt pretty strongly about this!

  7. Even as someone who does love and celebrate Christmas, it's nice to have the library be one place it isn't shoved in my face constantly. The library is also a great antidote to all the consumerism that is shoved in everyone's faces during the holidays too.

    That said I've been extra good this year so I hope Santa holds up his end of the bargain. :)

    I think it's fine to have Christmas book displays as long as you can include other traditions as well. I don't like reading them during a program not advertised as being a Christmas storytime or whatever. And personally I wouldn't do one here.

  8. Personally, I feel that religious holidays should be left out of the library. I echo Melissa's sentiments on that one. HOWEVER. If I tried to stop our annual "Holidays in the Library" (where Santa comes), Gingerbread House Workshop, or Egg Decorating Workshop, I think I would be hunted down and pelted with rocks. So we do have those things at my library. And I am pretty sure that I am the only person on my staff who has any qualms about presenting religious elements in programs (then again, I am the only member of my staff who is not Christian).

  9. I'm a Christian and I definitely have qualms about incorporating religious elements in the library. There are more appropriate venues (church, home, etc.) for that content and I want my library to be welcoming to all.

    It is also interesting because I work in a relatively small town and many of my patrons attend the same services as our staff members. So that can intersect as well.

    I wonder if anyone's MLS programs touched on this subject? Mine didn't.


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