Animal Opposites

Another discussion-generating Flannel Friday this week to discuss opposites. This would also work as an early literacy activity like I discussed last week. Only this time, we're talking about Animal Opposites!

For younger kids, put pairs of animals on the board and ask why they are opposites (height, width, textures, loud versus quiet, fast or slow, etc.).

Fat Hippo & Skinny Flamingo

Prickly Porcupine & Smooth Snake

Loud Rooster & Quiet Rabbit

Hard Crab & Soft Kitten

Fast Cheetah & Slow Turtle

Big Elephant & Small Mouse

Tall Giraffe & Short Monkey
With older kids, you can put multiple pairs or all the animals up on the board at once and ask them to guess which are pairs and what makes them opposites. They might surprise you with their answers!

I adapted this idea from Storytime Magic (which has downloadable patterns if you'd like another way of making this flannel). I decided to use animal photos instead.

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