Display Ideas for Any Time! (part 2 of series)

Earlier I posted some seasonal display ideas, and today I am back with some display ideas that can work at any time of year. I am in the process of redoing my display signs, so eventually I will make them downloadable so you can print them. But for now, here are the ideas (and please suggest more in the comments!):

Picture Books
Bodily Functions (with the caveat that such displays are not for every community)
If You Like Fancy Nancy*
Under the Sea Book*

Chapter Books
Historical Fiction* (dreaded school assignment)
Percy Jackson
Chapter Books Every Kid Should Read ("classics" and contemporary crowd-pleasers)

Teen Books
Ain't Shakespeare (retellings)
As Seen on TV (books turned into TV shows like Pretty Little Liars, The Lying Game, Huge, etc. as well as novels based on TV shows like Glee, etc.)
Beauty Books
Books that Rock (music related)

Adult Books
Graphic Novels for Grownups

Multi-Age Displays
Samurais (This was a patron request--he said I'd never be able to come up with enough material to fill a display... CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!)
In The News (a good one to keep up all the time and update with areas of the world or other subjects cropping up on/in the news)
Be A Literary Tourist (originally made for Spring Break for the kids who weren't going out of town to get them to read books set in other countries, etc.)
Staff Picks

Non-Book Displays

Read the Movie (books into movies)
 Quirky Kids Music (music that isn't annoying)


  1. Great ideas! Love this post!

  2. Wow, you rock! I love people who are givers.

  3. I've just discovered these and want to thank you... I'll be using some soon!


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