Why So Tomorrow?

A reader asked me why I named my blog "So Tomorrow" and I realized I'd never really shared this story with anyone, so here it is!

Once upon a time (2006), there was a 22-year old grad student in her first semester. One of her class assignments was to start a blog and write a few posts about technology (since deleted--they were really bad, trust me her). But to create a blog, it has to have a name! At the time, she was reading (and loving) this book:

So she decided that, as a future librarian, it wasn't half-bad (or half-good) naming inspiration. A few (5) years have gone by, and now the name doesn't quite work, but that's ok. And the blogger lived happily ever after (so far).

The reader asked me if the name meant something like "so tomorrow, I have a storytime what should I do?" and I actually think that is way more awesome than how my blog came to be named. I want to change the tagline (the part under my blog's title) to imply that because it appeals to my procrastinator nature, so if anyone has a suggestion on how to word that, I'd love to hear it.