'Round and Round with the Three Pigs

Today's Flannel Friday is the traditional story of the Three Little Pigs. BUT we have a twist! Jan Irving and Robin Currie made it a circle story (find the patterns in Straw Into Gold: Books and Activities about Folktales or copy the idea with clipart)

Basically, you glue an image of the Big Bad Wolf on the left side and then cover images of the three pigs with a circle cut so that only one pig is visible at the time. The circle is attached with a brass brad so you can turn it as you tell the story.

I am a Cheaty McCheaterson so the words are on the back: 

I like Irving's version's first line: At a time when pigs could walk and talk and build houses, there lived three little pigs. Don't you want to know what happened to our poor porcine friends that they no longer have these skills? 

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