Ready for Bed? Sequencing Early Literacy Activity

Here is an easy and simple discussion-generating activity designed to be left out in the children's department. But, since this a Flannel Friday submission, of course you can also do this as a flannel story at storytime! Print out the pieces and laminate them. Then attach magnets to the back of the pieces and set out a magnetic cookie sheet or oil drip pan. Nearby, put up a sign explaining that the idea is for the parents and kid to discuss the sequencing of their bedtime routine.

If you want to use this idea as a felt board, download patterns from Storytime Magic (where I found the inspiration for this idea). I used clipart from Microsoft instead.

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  1. Oh this is a super great thing to have for kids to play with at the library! So many kids with autism/SPD/other social issues have trouble with transitions and sequencing. When I was a behavioral therapist we used sequencing activities like this all the time to teach social skills.

  2. This would also make a super sweet craft. Parents could customize it based on their home routines, too!

    (Also, will update link!)

  3. Anna,
    Thanks so much! I'd love to hear more about your past life as a behavioral therapist sometime. I was inspired by an article I was reading on storytimes for kids on the autism spectrum.

    Katie, making it a craft is a great idea. I will try to remember to make and post coloring page version.

  4. I pair a similar idea with the Napping House (more sequencing) and How Do Dinosaurs Say Goodnight. Makes a fun time for the Kinders.


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