Mouse's Halloween House

I know that Halloween is still quite a long ways away, but this such a fun little flannel that I couldn't resist sharing it early. And I figure this way if anyone wants to make one, they have plenty of lead time! Your source for the words and patterns is Judy Sierra's Mother Goose Playhouse (out of print) and you will find it on page 43.


This story is one paragraph of text and one short stanza of rhyme. I think it could be quite easily adapted to a draw and tell story as well. Basically, Mama Mouse nibbles holes into a "big orange house" for doors and windows, and then puts a candle inside to light up the darkness. Voila!

This week, Cate is hosting the roundup. Previous roundups are here. Don't forget to check out Flannel Friday on pinterest!


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    I saw a post of yours in the Cricut Forum... I love your story creations. I've made one of the Very Hungry Caterpillar and the Very Lonely Firefly... so fun! I became a follower on your blog! :)

    Hugs and Blessings!
    Jasmine Wilmany

    I'm a Cricut Circle member too!

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