DIY Library Signage

Yesterday we were without Internet and ILS access for almost all of my shift, so that wiped out my plans for what I wanted to accomplish. Fortunately I had one "analog" project that my boss had asked me to work on so I was able to start that yesterday and finish this morning: making vinyl signs to label the different collections. Check 'em out!:

To make them,I followed instructions on the package and found some general ones on this blog. Definitely applying the vinyl to the wall and attempting to get it straight is much harder than actually cutting it out. As long as the settings are correct (2 for blade depth, 2 for pressure, and a slow speed) the machine will only cut through the vinyl and not the paper backing. Then I just peeled off the unwanted vinyl, applied your transfer paper, removed the vinyl's backing, and stuck it on the wall. I used a level to draw a straight line and then matched it with the transfer paper's gridlines as best I could.

The total cost for this project was about $30 (Vinyl and transfer tape). We still have half the vinyl sheets remaining. I was able to do 7 in about 3 hours. These are just my two favorite ones.  The only thing I would do differently is spend more money for the 12 by 24 vinyl sheets instead of the 12 by 12. Some of the phrases I cut would have been too small to cut on a 12 by 12 so I programmed them twice, but it was difficult to match them up accurately. It would have been worth the extra money to have had them all together.


  1. I'm very impressed with your DIY for cheap decorating of the children's room. Nice job!


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