I am so excited to share the news that So Tomorrow is getting its own URL. I finally bit the bullet and paid $10 to get my own custom domain. So now you can find this blog at

Google promised me that automatic forwarding should start within the next 3 days, so hopefully if your library firewall decided to block my site or something, that will be resolved. I do apologize for any weirdness over the next few days. Crossing my fingers that everything goes OK. As far as I know, there shouldn't be any problems with the RSS feed changing or emails being sent out, but please let me know if there is and I will investigate.

Thank you everyone who has filled out the survey so far. I am really learning a lot from your feedback. It is making me feel better as I stress myself out over migration stuff. :)

For fun, here's a map (handy for my world domination plans) with where my readers are:


  1. Love the new layout! So easy to find things! Great job!
    Hugs, Wini


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