Summer Reading Week 5!

I can't believe it is Week 5 already! This has definitely been an interesting summer (read my other summer reading posts here) and it has never really felt like we fully hit our stride. I hope our numbers wind up being OK, but I know we won't be setting any records this year. And that's just fine.

For me, one of the highlights of the summer has been being able to actually watch the programs. Most of the year I am the one putting everything on myself and the great thing about our SRP is getting to be part of the audience myself. We have had some very cool events hosted by people who aren't me. We have had a juggling workshop, theater performance, and a family performer stop by and they all were smashing. I even got a few ideas for stories and songs that I might try out in storytime.

I have to say I was really impressed with all of our performers' professionalism. In previous years, I have had a staff member with a petting zoo wearing a pro-marijuana Tshirt and had an aging hippie talk about partying while presenting to children. Both times I was cringing like a madwoman. There were no moments like that this year. Thank goodness.

Our summer reading program ends next week. It's always nice to have the finish line in sight, but it always seems to go by so fast. Of course, then we start right up planning the annual Carnival. This year is the 40th anniversary of our event, so you know we have to do it right!


  1. I noticed your summer reading program (and a number of others) started earlier (in June). Does the schools in your area get out earlier in June? I like when they have the summer presenters come too. I have seen some fun programs too like: animals from the zoo, magic, one man circus and more. Good luck!

    Michelle from


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