Summer Reading Photo Stand & Other Projects

Meant to share this way sooner! Look at what my husband and I put together:

The front was a color-your-own banner from Oriental Trading which I actually delegated to an art major page and then my husband built the frame. We took it to our county's preschool Fun Fair and it has been sitting in the youth department for summer reading since. 

It's always so much fun for us to build things together. We also redid a $5 garage sale bench. Here's the before (with the rest of our finds from that day--the coat rack also got a makeover):

And then after some sanding and painting ($18 for a gallon of paint---more than enough and we've been redoing some smaller things to match and I believe the fabric was around $12--on sale at JoAnn Fabric):

But now my husband has decided to build some storage underneath it for our entryway, so there will be another after pic someday.


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