Make It Over! Our Adventures in Repainting the Youth Department

Pictures are up here, if you'd like to see our makeover.  We used Behr's Wickerware (yellow) and Corn Husk Green for our colors. By we, I mean that I picked them. So I'm to blame if you don't like them.

If anyone is painting in the future, here is some advice:
  • Think really hard about what section you want to paint first. I would start with the one that will be the hardest to reshelve. In most cases, that will be the picture books.
  • Play music. Loud music while reshelving. Something peppy. It will put you in a better mood.
  • Use an assembly-line technique for unshelving and reshelving books, particularly the picture books. They are a pain. Start with them so you can get it over with. Throw the yucky ones that should be weeded in a seperate pile so you don't have them go back on the shelf.
  • Close the library down for more time than you think you will need. Then you won't feel rushed and it is better to reopen early than to stay closed longer than you told people.
  • Invite the press and throw a party for when you reopen. Have the kids make decorations for the "new" children's department.
That's all for now! I have books to reshelve. :)


  1. Great ideas! I saw the pictures and it is great. It must feel good to revitalize your children's room.


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