Library Makeover Part 2: New Board Book Storage

While we were repainting the youth department, we also switched out our board books. Previously, they were stored in 2 clear plastic bins, which while functional, were overflowing and not attractive. See?

A quick trip to Meijer and $25 (on clearance!) later, we had an adorable storage solution:



  1. What a creative (and cheap!) idea. We've been looking for ways to spice up our board book area, too.

  2. Hi Smartie! This is such a great idea.
    I recently visited a library where they stored their board books in a similar manner (only in a VERY EXPENSIVE custom-built piece of furniture.) I was like we need to do this! then i looked into what it would cost, and i was all "yeah, we have to do this in la-la-land" But I love this pool! it's so cute, and you can't beat that price.

  3. Yes, I too have lusted over the gorgeous wooden furniture pieces different places sell. But who has hundreds to thousands of dollars to spend housing books that cost about $8 each? And exist to be chewed. We love our turtle and I think it was the best $25 we have ever spent in the kids' department. And the board books have been checking out better than ever.

  4. This is such a great idea, and Kid-friendly, too. Way to think outside the sandbox!


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