Quick as a Cricket

This week I am sharing Quick as a Cricket by Audrey Wood for Flannel Friday (look for the roundup hosted by Andrea). This is a storytime classic* and a great flannelboard. I will confess to not being the biggest fan of the original artwork. Just not my taste. 

It does have tons of pieces and I didn't have time to dig the bigger flannelboard out of storage (we are getting ready to shut down our youth services department for a makeover soon) so bear with me. 

Here they all are together: 

I'm as slow as a ...


I'm as loud as a...

I'm as wild as a ...

 I'm as strong as a ...

I'm as sad as a ...


I'm as happy as a...


My flannelboard pieces were out of 2's Experience: Felt Board Fun by Liz and Dick Wilmes, but I noticed that KizClub has a pattern for this book as well. It doesn't look like they have all the pieces, so you might have to rework the rhyme a bit. 

Another fun and faster way to tell this story would be to print out photos or clip art and clip each image to a clothesline as you tell the story. You can also do something similar with a group where each child gets a picture of an animal (some can be repeated) asked the kids questions like "who has a mean animal? a strong one? brave?" etc. 

Here's a question for storytime presenters: Do you put all the pieces up and leave them or have one up at a time? I'm a put up and leave 'em  girl, especially because this book ends with "Put it all together, it's ME" but I am curious what others are partial to. Part of it would depend on how big your board is also. 

*I do express some dubious feelings about the line about being "hot as a fox." Maybe it's just me... but it seems a little odd. 


  1. Putting it all together? I think maybe for an older crowd so they could guess the idiom. Either way, nice work on the artwork.

  2. I like to leave them up, at least with older kids. Then at the end, you could talk about the animals/descriptors. With this many animals on the board, some groups could get really distracted, though. Great flannel!


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