Silly Sally

Around here, Silly Sally is a storytime classic. So it seems fitting to post it for today's #flannelfriday. I know that some of my #flannelfriday conspirators sing this book to the tune of "Twinkle, Twinkle" but I prefer to read it. This is an easy one to accidentally memorize as well. By which I mean, to have read it so many times you no longer need to see the words.

Here's Silly Sally and her whole gang of colorful characters:

But my personal favorite from this cast of characters is Neddy Buttercup, surely one of the most memorably-attired characters in children's literature. You know, this guy: 

You rock those green tights, Neddy.
Pattern source is Storytime Magic. You can download it here (pattern #340).

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  1. Silly Sally was one of the first flannels I made! I love it. I agree - I don't think that there is any need to sing it, but now that you've mentioned that it can be done I might have a hard time NOT singing it! Also, I am a big fan of (at the end) tickling either the book or the flannel and seeing how many parents in the audience I can get to tickle the kids on their laps. (:

  2. Oh! Also at your suggestion I purchased a used copy of Songs for the Flannel Board and have great plans to make pretty much everything in here. At my library we've got three huge file drawers full of flannels but they tend to all be of the "five things that do things then go away one by one" variety and I've been devouring all y'all's flannel friday posts! One of these days I'll join in. (:

  3. Oh awesome. Can't wait to see what you come up with! :)

  4. I'm challenging myself to make more "story" flannels for our resource packs, and this is a good one! I tend to stick to songs and discussion flannels, and I need to branch out! Thanks for the push!

  5. PS to Librarian Pirate: Jump in to Flannel Friday!!!!

  6. This is great! I didn't know about that resource.


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