"One World, Many Stories" Summer Reading Resources

Since we are knee-deep in summer reading planning at my library, I thought I'd share some of the awesome resources we are using for this summer's CSLP theme of "One World, Many Stories."

Marketing and Public Relations:
Half-page flyers (these will be distributed through the elementary schools as well as in the library & community)
Full page flyer (these will be on our bulletin boards throughout the building)

I can email you the flyers as .pub files if you'd like to modify them for your library. Just email me.

Programming Resources--Online
Beyond the Book Storytimes (AMAZING blog for storytelling. I wish I had the staffing to do the group events, but I will be adapting many of the ideas posted)

I also love the Texas State Library for putting their summer reading manuals online. They have wonderful storytime ideas. Thanks, TX!

Programming Resources--Print
Of course there is the CSLP manual if you are in a participating state.

Here are some of my favorite storytime planning books for this summer:
Storytime Magic by Kathy MacMillian and Christine Kirker

So, those are my top tips for this summer! Please let me know if you have any that I may have missed. Happy summer reading!