Here's How I Made Some #FlannelFriday Stories My Own

I thought it would be fun to post some of the Flannel Friday stories that I have also made. It's always fun to see how different people interpret the same material.

First up is my version of "Five Clean and Dirty Pigs" which Katie, Mary, and Mel have all shown us:

I am partial to Mary's shouting for the words:
5 pigs so squeaky clean,

cleanest pigs you’ve ever seen,

Wanted to go outside and play [shout: IN THE MUD!]

1 jumped into the mud,

landed with a great big THUD! [clap or slap leg]

now there are 4 pigs squeaky clean [oink oink]

3 pigs so squeaky clean…etc.
I basically used Mary's template but my pigs are giant (almost 5 inches across). So I may have a nightmare about being stomped to death by giant pigs. I have a big flannelboard so it will work fine for me, just letting you know so you'll know the scale. I plan to use this at a summer storytime so we will have anywhere from 5 to 60 people at storytime that day. Bigger is better.

I also have a version of Dear Zoo that is not even made out of flannel! If you are not artistically inclined or are just short on time, here is a really quick way to tell a story. (I still love Nicole's felt version though).

All I did was print out the Kizclub templates and send them through our laminator. Then I cut them out and used book tape to secure them to a piece of posterboard. Book tape was also used to make the "hinges" for the flaps. The template also includes a label for the pieces so you can show the kids what is "wrong" with the animals the zoo sends the narrator (who I always picture as a boy for some reason, but it is written in first person so it could be anyone).

I put a copy of the words in a plastic page protector and taped it on the back. That way I can remember how the story starts without having to memorize it although I don't need to read the words for most of the book.

So here are two Flannel Friday stories that I have created. I'd love to see any that others have made. I have some other ones I will be making and I hope to share pictures when they're done...whenever that may be!