Storytelling "How Bear Lost his Tale"

It seems people are enjoying the draw-and-tell (also known as "chalk talk") stories I've been posting, so here is a more advanced one. It is a little trickier than Catching a Pest or Bingo. It's "How Bear Lost His Tail" from More Tell and Draw Stories by Margaret Jean Oldfield and is a porqui tale.

We begin by drawing a dot (which becomes the eye in the finished drawing):

And slowly, but surely, you wind your way to this:

This is an older book (copyright 1969), so it might be difficult for you to track down a copy. Please also remember the era when reading some of the stories as they might contain aspects that will be considered politically incorrect (or downright racist, etc.).


  1. Could you email me your pdf with instructions for the Draw and Tell Bear?
    Many thanks,
    Ken Vesey


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