The Biggest Fish in the Sea Puppet Sketch

As a one-person youth department, I often feel a little bummed that I don't have another children's librarian to team up with to do joint storytelling efforts. So I am always thrilled to find stories that I can perform creatively by myself.

"The Biggest Fish in the Sea" is from the 2010 Collaborative Summer Library Program manual and can be found on chapter 4 (pages 113-114, and the patterns for making the fish are on page 123). It is credited to Mary Marks.

Here's what you'll need:
-Fisherman (or woman) puppet
-Fishing rod (this one is improvised from an old cat toy's wand and some string)
-Misc. props for the fisherman to catch (examples: old pop can, underwear, etc.)
-Hot glue gun & glue
-Puppet stage
-Fish puppets (there is a pattern on page 123 of the manual to make cardstock ones, but I had cute finger puppets from IKEA and used those instead).

I hot glued a magnet onto the end of the fishing line and one inside or on each of the props we used. The fishing rod is also hot glued to the hands of our poor fisherman puppet. Hot glue and magnets are my secret puppetry weapons. I record all the audio for my puppet shows (details) and play it off my iPhone (on airplane mode in case someone tries to call me!) so I can concentrate on the puppet's actions. It easier for me than trying to read lines and manipulate puppets and props. You might be a more natural actor!