"Flip-Flap Jack"

This week's #FlannelFriday, "Flip-Flap Jack," was introduced to me on the Preschool Storytime Facebook page. I love this song so much! It is sung to the tune of the song Aiken Drum.

Here is the beginning:
There was a man made of food, made of food, made of food.
There was a man made  of food,
And his name was Flip-Flap Jack.
And he danced upon the table, the table, the table.
He danced upon the table.
And his name was Flip-Flap Jack!

Heeerreeeee's Jack!

And a close-up of his face:

The rest of the words (and the patterns for Flip-Flap Jack) are found in Ready to Go Storytimes: Fingerplays, Scripts, Patterns, Music and More by Gail Benton and Trisha Waichulaitis.

#FlannelFriday was started by Melissa and Mary and I shamelessly copied her idea. If you're a blogger and also want to join the #FlannelFriday party, let one of us know. (The three of us are also the admins of the Preschool Storytime and Baby Storytime Facebook pages.)


  1. Nice! I was going to Flip Flap Jack this week, but changed it at the last minute. Our flip flap jack is made of laminated photos: your version took a whole lot more time. Nice!! My fingers are doing a little dance just thinking about this!

  2. I love his orange ears! He turned out super cute. Nice job :)

  3. This is absolutely adorable! I can't wait to make my own set!! Thanks for the inspiration, my mouth is watering now! LOL!

  4. Hello I was considering oredering the book.The question I have is how many stories are in the book and do they all come with patterns. I work with preschoolers and I just started getting into flannel stories so I'm still new at them. So I need easy stories with pretty easy patterns. Do you recommend this book for all the reasons above. Thank you. God Bless. Mrs. Valerie


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