"Moose in Love" by Diane Briggs

This week's #FlannelFriday is the poem "Moose in Love" from Preschool Favorites by Diane Briggs (page 131). According to the author's note, Briggs was inspired to write the poem by the book A Moose for Jessica.

I'm no preschooler, but this is hands-down my favorite flannelboard story. It is silly and romantic. Great for a Valentine's Day, wedding, animals, or love-themed story.

Here is the first stanza:
A moose came out of the woods one day
And into a pasture of cows
He spied a young cow named Jessica
and all he could say was, "WOW!"

 And after a brief courtship, they marry:

You can download Briggs's patterns for this story here.  The moose pictured is from a different pattern, for If You Give a Moose a Muffin from Storytime Magic by Kathy MacMillan.

If you don't like the text for Briggs's rhyme, I spotted a similar poem called "A Moosetake" in Bear Hugs by Karma Wilson. Unfortunately, the pages aren't numbered, but I'd say it's about half-way through the book. 


  1. Yay for Flannel Friday! Nothing like a moose in a top hat to set your weekend up right.

  2. I really like your flannel backdrop -- our flannelboard is red...which is such a pain for some stories.

    This poem sounds adorable, and I love Jessica in her wedding dress!

  3. Thanks! The flannel backdrop I used for these photos is from Etsy. It is this one:

    I use it for outreach and storytimes at our other branch. We also have a big blue one from Discount School Supply that I use at my main branch. This one: http://www.discountschoolsupply.com/Product/ProductDetail.aspx?product=7570&keyword=easel&scategoryid=0&CategorySearch=&Brand=&Price=

    Also, I've seen at teacher stores cardboard tri-folds with felt on them for about $5-10. Maybe that would be a good substitution. I agree that red would be a pain to work with!

    Our old one was black but it stopped sticking.

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