5 Reasons You Should Participate in Flannel Friday

I added a new page to my blog today called "Flannel Friday" and as I was writing it, I was so impressed with all the amazing flannel ideas that have been posted over the past few weeks.I wanted to write 5 reasons why you (all 3 of my readers!) should join in.

1. First and most important, it is super fun to read everyone else's posts. But there wouldn't be any posts to share, if no one joined in. And I want to see your ideas. So show them off. Please cave to peer pressure and join us. There. I said please. And I'm told that is the magic word.

2. Youth librarians are brave. Really brave. If you can read a book while pretending to sob or throw a fake temper tantrum in front of 30 or more strangers, that is a special kind of brave. And also, we are awesome. And a good way to meet other awesome youth librarians is by blogging. But sometimes it is hard to think of something to write about. But it isn't too hard to snap a quick picture and write a quick explanation of a flannel board story. And it is also brave.

3. You will probably get a slight increase in traffic. My blog is not very popular. It is a sporadic labor of love for me, and I don't do a lot to promote it. Most posts only get a small number of hits. But my posts on Flannel Friday get lots more. Hundreds sometimes. And that's pretty awesome too.

4. Inspiration & education. I hope my blog inspires a librarian (new or an old pro) to try a new story or even a new storytelling technique. If it does, please report back! Or send me an email. I'd love to hear about it or see your version of a story I recommended. Reading blogs is a big part of my personal professional development and I'd love to know that others feel the same way about mine (check out the Recommended Reading tab on the righthand column of this blog if you'd like to see my favorite blogs. If I missed yours, let me know and I'll add it).

5. Don't make me beg. It will not be pretty.

Oh, p.s. I finally joined goodreads, so add me as a friend!


  1. Oh, c'mon, beg.

    (although I'm already loving #flannelfriday, so I guess you don't have to.)



  2. I happened along your site from the cricut site and am so excited. I teach preschool special ed and will definately be adding your blog as one I follow. So many AMAZING ideas thanks for sharing!

  3. Hello, I think I found your blog on by way of pintrest. I am enjoying reading all your ideas. What a great way to connect and share ideas. I do not have my own blog because I have four children of my own and no me time. My job is my me time I call it my happy place. So I just wanted you to know you have one more reader:)


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