Color Crayons

Here's a little something different for this week's #FlannelFriday: a crayon puzzle. To make this, I bought a foam puzzle at the dollar store and stuck Velcro dots on the back. I use this with school-age kids who are learning/able to read. The kids each get a foam crayon and I ask whoever has the red crayon to come up and put it on its spot.

Here's a rhyme you can use also:
5 little crayons waiting in a row.
The first one said "I'm red you know!"
The second one said "I'm green like a tree"
The third one said "I'm blue as the sea."
The fourth one said "I'm as yellow as the sun."
The fifth one said "Being purple is fun!"
Five little crayons as happy as can be,
Coloring pictures with you and me!


  1. Hi! I was wondering by chance, if you know where I would be able to purchase this puzzle? My sons kindergartner teacher had one, and my son accidently ripped it. I would love to replace it for her! I have looked online and found only one place, but the background is green, not brown. :( Any info would be apperciated. Thanks in advance!

    PS: I LOVE the rhyme, I wil send it along! :)

    Channing Dalton, WA


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