What else can I do in storytime?: Creative Dramatics

This is post #3 in my What Else Can I Do in Storytime series. Previous Posts were on Music and Parachute Play. Today we will be talking about Creative Movement!

I have a set of Get Up and Go! dice from Discount School Supply and I really recommend them, although you. I roll a die and the kids make the shape of the letters. I start with the letters they can do by themselves and add the cards for letters they can make together (in groups of 2-3). One die I use this way and the other die has each side labeled with a different nursery rhyme. You can use them seperately on different days (or use the Letters die in preschool storytime and the Rhyme die in baby storytime) or you could use them together and have the older kids sing a rhyme in the shape of a letter. You could also have kids call out things that begin with the letter on the die.

Movement stories such as those in Helen Landalf's Movement Stories for Young Children: Ages 3-6 are a big hit with kids. The book is out-of-print but it is tortally worth tracking down a copy if you can find one through ILL or buying a used copy. They are fun and really involve the kids. I have used stories at my summer family storytimes as well as outreach visits to elementary schools.


  1. We have used Jack and Jill (I usually sing this one) for a creative movement nursery rhyme. The kids love to pretend they are climbing and fall. We hold our heads and roll our hands when Jill comes tumbling after. They really enjoy it.


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