Carnival Decorations

My library hosts an annual Carnival the Saturday after Labor Day. Kids in the summer reading program earn tickets which they use to play games and win prizes at Carnival. This year was our 39th year of Carnival festivities, and my 2nd Carnival. Since my Cricut had just arrived, I siezed the opportunity to make some signs for the games and other activities. I hope you like them! If you have any questions, I can attempt to answer them in the comments or you can always email me.

I used the following cartridges for this project:
Accent Essentials Shape Cartridge (Used to cut the spiral the lollipop is fashioned from, this cartridge came with the machine)
Plantin SchoolBook Cartridge (Most of the words were cut from this cartridge, which also came with the machine)
Cricut Create A Critter Catridge (Used for the giraffe on the balloon animals sign, but nothing else as it only arrived the night before Carnival)
Cricut Lite Carousel Cartridge (All the Carnival/Circus images and fonts are from this cartridge which is exclusive to WalMart.)

I am very glad I took pictures of these signs as three were destroyed by a laminator malfunction and another four were destroyed by the severe rain, even though they were laminated. Oh well! The nice thing about the Cricut is how fast and easy it will be to remake the ruined signs.

The tooth on the Loose Tooth sign is actually a coloring page I downloaded off the Internet. 

Bowling pin and ball are also Internet coloring pages. 

Game signs in action! 

My next project will be making new signs for the most popular Dewey sections. I am having a lot of fun with this one!