What happens in storytime, stays in storytime

I found this great list of "10 Tips for Making Story Time Memorable" at PreschoolRock.com and it has solified what is my current pet peeve with my library school education: in my literature classes, all we do is talk about books and not about how to make books come alive for kids. Maybe people who have children do not need this type of education, but reading to kids takes practice and that is something childless library workers like myself do not get much of before being thrown into the job.
Here are a few that I would add:
-It's OK if the attendees like the crafts (or the snack, if you serve one) better than the story
-It's OK if it takes you a few months (or longer) to really get a rhythm going.
-Play games
-Don't be a slave to the theme, although some parents are ALL about the theme. Sometimes I just throw in a phrase like "and now for something completely different!," which I think is a trick I picked up at
If you have any tips, I would love to hear them!