Published bibliographer!

I just wanted to say that I am so excited that a bibliography I put together for a teen display called "It Ain't Shakespeare (but it's close)" has been added to the "Recommended Reading" section of the Kent District Library's Web site. The books listed are either re-tellings of Shakespeare's plays or novels in which his plays play a role. One noteable exception is the addition of Reduced Shakespeare: The Attention-Impaired Reader's Guide to the World's Best Playwright, for those of us who like to compare plays to novels, but don't have time to (re)read the source material.

Here's the list:
So You Think Shakespeare's Boring? Think Again!

Some of my co-workers helped me out with the titles (Thanks Morgan, Susan, and Andrea) and I am very proud of how it turned out. Let me know what you think!

I just put this display up right before we closed on Saturday so I am excited to see patrons' feedback and how well the books circulate in the next few weeks.

While I am calling your attention to the KDL Web site, I would like to take the opportunity to point out one of my favorite of its features: the What's Next: Books in Series database.


  1. I think that your reading list is amazing! I will definitly check out the ones I haven't read over break. What a handy teaching tool for me too!

  2. I was thinking of you when I came up with the idea!


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