Dino Rhymes at Storytime

When I announced this week's theme at last week's storytime, one of my regular girls came up to me and said, "But Miss Annie we just did DINOSAURS!" Well, we had just done dragons, and I tried to protest that they were beasts of a different feather, but she was not having any of my logic.

Good dinosaur stories:
Tyson the Terrible by Diane and Christyan Fox.
If the Dinosaurs Came Back by Bernard Most.
How Do Dinosaurs Say Goodnight by Jane Yolen.
One I wish our library had: Dinosaur Stomp by Paul Stickland

A good song (with fun actions) is "I'm A Mean Old Dinosaur" (song to the tune of "I'm a Little Tea Pot"), which I found at Preschool Rainbow.org. Super cute.

I also made dinosaur feet out of cardboard that I cut in the shape of a dinosaur's feet (even though my co-worker said it looked more like a duck foot, honestly!), painted green, and then used book tape to apply a half-Kleenex box for the foot to go. It was pretty fun to see the kids walk like dinosaurs.

I also saw some cute dinosaur-themed activities at Kids Party Fun, which my Googling skills uncovered, and which I will be bookmarking for future storytimes. The February 2006 issue of LibrarySparks had some cute songs as well.

Quote of storytime:
Boy: "Annie, you're a saurus!
Me: "I am? Am I a librarosaurus rex?"